life after life

Nick and I have been looking at stories of near death experiences (, They are quite moving, and I find they offer reassurance about what comes after death. I haven’t experienced it, so of course I don’t know, but I find it really puzzling why those who have don’t talk more about caring for the environment.

There are thousands of stories out there, and we’ve only heard a few. Maybe those who feel able, and who choose to speak about what happened have different goals. I understand many people who have died and come back feel the experience is too private to talk about, or that they just don’t have the words to explain. For those who have spoken, though, it’s hard for me to see why they don’t speak out more about loving our planet. Many are shown how intertwined we are with living things. Knowing how urgent are the problems of how we treat animals, the planet and each other, I’m very curious why more of these NDE’ers don’t speak out against the abuses the human race perpetrates.

It’s possible the problems are so overwhelming that they feel helpless. I’m wondering, too, if one is the kind of person that doesn’t recognize these issues when one is alive, then going through death may not be enough to create awareness. Maybe for each person there are other more important issues.

It’s possible we just haven’t come across enough stories yet. It’s also possible, I suppose, that it really doesn’t matter, that polluting our air and water, mistreating our animals and using up the earth’s resources doesn’t matter, because maybe it’s all an illusion.

But as many of the NDE’ers talk about love and the overriding importance of love, how can we not be guided into showing more love towards our location and our neighbour creatures?

Maybe caring for the planet really isn’t as important as caring for humans. But if that’s the case, humans breathe air, need water, need food. How can it not matter that we are rapidly putting these necessities out of reach?

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