Just because I came up with an important realization did not make the writing go perfectly easily this morning.

Even though I had renewed energy and motivation, and even though I knew that I’m perfectly capable of writing and writing well, I still had to deal with the nuts and bolts of the piece I’m working on. I have to discover the environment of my piece, decide what the location really looks like and how it works with the characters. And that necessitated a fair bit of gazing out the window, drinking tea, rearranging pencils, and generally trying to stay focused enough and disciplined enough to work a few things out.

So not a lot of words got written this morning, but I did get one or two ideas solidified. The most important thing I think, was that I felt like trying. I felt up to the challenge and attempted to write, instead of finding some other worthier distraction, like doing the dishes.

But I haven’t yet gotten back to that place where the words flow on and on until I feel that sense of release that comes from a sudden insight.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s work goes even better.

#writer’s block #recovering #nose to the grindstone


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