to wear or not to wear….panty hose!

panty hoseR
I don’t even open this dresser drawer any more. It’s stuffed with panty hose I haven’t worn in years, but are in pretty good shape so I’m saving them just in case I might need to wear them again. Now that the cold weather has come, the question arises. If I choose to wear a skirt, what footwear would go with it, and more importantly, panty hose or no panty hose?

To my mild surprise, I happened to notice that many well-dressed women in magazines and media are bare-legged. When did they free themselves from the tyranny of panty hose I wondered?

Back twenty or so years ago, I had consciously decided to go for “business casual” dress at work. I believed comfort and ease of movement would allow me to focus more clearly on my job, which, on any given day, might include stepping over camera cables, hoisting boxes of video tapes, or standing outdoors in the cold taking notes. When shooting at formal events such as theatre performances or an awards gala for example, all crew were expected to dress appropriately. I would enjoy the feeling of a snug pair of flattering panty hose. I’ve been told I have good legs and it was always fun to show them off. But I would have to be a little more conscious of how and where I moved lest a sharp surface catch the hose and start a run. I couldn’t step up into company vans as freely in case my skirt would slide up too high and reveal too much. I would shorten my stride, hurrying after the camera crew little breathlessly, to make sure I maintained control of my high heeled shoes. It all felt attractive and, yes, sexy, but definitely vulnerable.

In the summer panty hose were too hot and sticky. In the winter they weren’t warm enough. In the office they were subject to runs from unnoticed file drawers and wooden desks. In the field, they were a nuisance.

The little bit of support from the firmly elasticized panty top feels dressy, and there’s no doubt the colours flatter my legs’ skin tones. But too long a stride and the hose might pull a little or even, if the panty hose were a little too snug, rip at the crotch seam. If a pair of panty hose were durable and survived a few washings (by hand, mind you!), they would begin to twist unpredictably when shoehorning myself into them. As my own fashion sense changed, it became a no brainer to choose leggings, long skirts, khaki pants and of course blue jeans as they, too, became acceptable at work.

I can’t really remember the last time I wore a pair of panty hose. I don’t own any more high-heeled shoes, and wear mostly sandals, sneakers, or cowboy boots.

And I could use the drawer space.

But somehow, I don’t seem to be able to just throw them out.

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