back to work

The odd reddish light of the morning has given way to dark clouds as the rain starts to pour down and I still search for my writing topic of the day. It’s the kind of rain that’s bringing down the first of autumn leaves, so not only am I slightly depressed about going back to work, but I’m also feeling as if it’s the end of summer.

I don’t have to go back to school, like many others next week (phew) but I do feel looming the difficulties of moving around hampered by snow and cold. During the last of these hot summer days, I actually enjoy thinking about winter, planning to knit new mittens and wondering about soup recipes. I greedily fill my eyes with the green of the backyard, remembering what it will look like snow-covered. I pay attention to the quality of light, knowing that not too far away it will be dark when I sit down to write.

There’s one bough of bright red leaves on the faded maple that looks like a fashionable swatch of colour in somone’s chic hairstyle. It’s going to be one of the hottest days we’ve had this summer, and although I am not good in heat (brings out the very best in hissy fits in me), my intention is to enjoy this day, albeit in a melancholy way.

Thunder rolls, house lights come on across the street, two cars splash past. Summer’s not done yet, but the world is turning, turning.

But hey, that means the Australian cricket season will be starting!

#summer’s end #rain #back to work


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