here we go again

It’s so easy to be stuck.

I have all these great ideas about stories to write, projects to bead and music to create. I think of exciting things to try during the night, wake up reasonably motivated, charge into my studio, and screech to a halt in front of the computer. Too many choices. Too many directions. I feel I have to choose the one, best direction for my energy and efforts, the most rewarding or the most marketable. And there go my intentions, dribbling away into “what if” and “maybe I should” and “that probably won’t work”, and good god, look at the time!

The pressure to sell, to create what I imagine other people would pay for, robs me of me urge to communicate with and understand myself. But perhaps I’ve primed the pump by starting here, putting one word in front of the other. I’m lured on, knowing writing can often lead to a magical moment of “a-ha!”. I remember feeling triumphant, after I’ve corralled my thoughts into sentences I can reread and surprised myself into a “so that’s what’s going on!” Heady, addictive stuff, really.

So back to the blank page.

#blocked #getting unstuck #blank page


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