back to work

Re-entry is always awkward. It takes me a while to reorient myself from following nifty ideas and colour pathways to suddenly having chores and obligations that have very little resemblance to what I’d been dreaming about.

It usually takes me at least half a day to get back on top, to deal with things that have happened while I’ve been away, to remember my various deadlines and to pick up where I had left off. While I’m driving in to work, I’m still puzzling out my creative stuff and thinking about what to try next. I always think I’ll be able to think through some things at work during “in between” times, but it rarely happens. By lunchtime, I’ve completely forgotten what was important during the weekend. Often, by the end of the day, I feel I’ve just managed to catch up and I’m ready to start, and here it is, time to go home already. My creative preoccupations had hovered about the edges of my consciousness, but I didn’t really think about them..

Tomorrow will be easier. I’ve acclimatized already, remembered my work rhythms and have a handle on what I need to do when. My creative stuff, well, I hope I’ll find time to think about it.

Maybe, though, a totally different workplace is a good opportunity for the unconscious. Maybe, lacking my mind’s focused attention, some unusual stuff will have a chance to percolate and emerge, without my too-judgmental attention crippling it before it’s born.

Still, I’m already looking forward to my next weekend!

#back to work #juggling a day job


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