escaping the critical inner voices

A pattern is emerging. I was having a lovely weekend – got lots of writing done and even, goodness gracious me, some housework. So this morning, the last day of my long weekend, I want to have fun and I find I can’t settle down to anything, not to beading, or music or even my guilty pleasure of Shahrukh Khan in a Bollywood film. It’s not until Nick points out how much I accomplished yesterday that we realize I’m having a reaction. For every visible gain forward into a new, exciting and creative life, I seem to suffer a negative reaction, where everything I touch seems inadequate and boring and I feel extremely frustrated.

Luckily, once I’d figured out that my inner critics were stomping all over me because they’d been temporarily ignored, I was able to retrieve my good humour (the first casualty) and spend a great rainy day colouring and beading and thinking about my next piece of writing.

I wonder if I could send those voices on a long holiday cruise to Antarctica.

#one step forward #reaction #accomplishment


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