rain, rain, don’t go away

I’ve just enjoyed a rainy morning, where the inclement weather gave me the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do what I love. It’s becoming sunny now, though, and already I’m feeling the pressure to go outside and do something.

In my youth, being sent outside to play for my own health was often the interruption to some joyful endeavour. I may have been reading, doodling, painting, playing scientist with a microscope or even, heavens!, watching television. But no matter which activity it was, being sent outside broke my concentration and my happiness.

Once outside, I would look for some chore that needed doing; shovelling the snow from the walk in the winter for example. But having quickly exhausted those choices, I would look for cosy places where I could be alone. A little-used corner of the backyard, hidden from the house by a barn, offered long moments of solitary respite from others until eventually, I was either caught or called back to the group that was my family, and its never-ending needs.

Now, when I see sunny weather outside, I feel somehow compelled to “go outside and play” which nowadays, usually means mowing the lawn or gardening, which I don’t particularly enjoy. I feel distinctly relieved when the weather looks unpleasant and I don’t have to make myself go outside.

I do love it if I can sit and read outside, listening to the birds and the soft rustle of leaves stirred by a breeze. But Nick is often unpleasantly amazed at how quickly I will find outside chores that need attention.

So I am not the only one who looks out the window on a rainy morning, and breathes a deep sigh of relief.

#rain #lazy day #escape #chores


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