a new start

It’s a relief to have started a piece of writing after facing a blank screen, procrastinating, and attempting a number of false starts.

It was hard to get past the critical voices… “No one cares about that” “Been done before” “Why bother”…yadda yadda.

I finally began a piece of fiction, just for me, I tell myself, and I’m enjoying it! I’m loving the imaginative work of trying to understand a character instead of making them say what I think they should say. It’s fun and surprising to listen quietly and hear dialogue that doesn’t seem to come from me. And although I think I have a sense of direction, it’s exhilarating when the characters themselves seem to take me in unexpected directions.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written fiction and, having emerged a bit disoriented from the fastest half hour with my new characters, I’m wondering why I’ve not done this more often!

I feel somehow nourished by this new world. By giving it voice I’ve somehow given myself a connection with another universe that enhances mine. I find myself thinking about these new friends during the day, hearing them comment and enjoying them.

Long may this feeling last!

#writing #fiction #beginning #imagination


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