mowing the lawn

Another sunny morning and my optimism returns.

We use a manual mower to deal with the grass our never-ending front yard. Yes, it feels like more work than the electric mower but it’s so much more enjoyable. I don’t have to wear ear protectors. A friendly woman walking her dog actually spoke to me and we had no problems exchanging pleasantries while I continued mowing.

push lawnmower

I don’t feel that annoying thrum through my whole body. And because I’m wearing moccasins (without inserts), I’m getting my #earthing time as I walk with the mower.

The grass doesn’t get cut as ruthlessly evenly when using a power mower. But I temper my perfectionist aspirations knowing that the satisfaction I get from seeing a regimentally-cropped lawn is nowhere near as great as the satisfaction I feel knowing I had enjoyed myself while creating the more tamed-looking yard. I heard the birds, felt the brush of the warm, fresh breeze and left the perky wild strawberry blooms to live out their moments in the sun.

Truth be told, I’d rather be reading, beading, drawing, writing, playing music, eating or sleeping! But if I have to mow, this is really not a bad way of spending the time.

#lawn-mowing #manual #quiet


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