responsibilities of a fan

Trying to keep up with the Pepsi IPL cricket tournament is a heavy responsibility for a fan!


There’s at least one game every day and often two. For us here in Canada, the games are broadcast in the mornings. It’s easier for Nick to keep up as he’s home all day, but if it’s a work day for me, I could see one game on the two-game days, but only if I give up some sleep and some studio time. We subscribe to Willow on the internet and luckily they archive the games. When I get home, Nick will pick out the parts of the innings that were most interesting so I can keep up. One year we didn’t watch each day, deciding just to catch up on weekends. But you lose interest in the earlier games, as the teams’ positioning changes and the contest focuses on different players or aspects.


It can be fun to watch games from earlier years and see how teams differed. I always notice the changes in how graphics are presented and of course, the outfits of the cheer girls!  I find, though, sport is definitely of the moment. Watching Malinga bowl his accurate yorkers is astonishing whenever you see him, but it is especially gripping when the outcome of a game hangs in the balance, and you don’t know the outcome.


Many times in previous years, Nick and I couldn’t stomach the suspense. We really wanted some teams to win and fell into an unpleasantly despondent mood if they lost. This year, we seem to be made of sterner stuff, and have been eagerly watching each contest. I wonder if it’s because there are more and more players we like on each team, so the winner/loser thing doesn’t count for as much. Losing is still painful, but it’s bearable. And that’s just as a fan, thousands of miles away. It must be unbelievably intense for the players themselves.


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