IPL begins

The IPL cricket tournament has started and I watched part of the first game between KKR and Mumbai Indians last night from Willow’s archive. Nick had watched the whole game live earlier, but I was at work. It was fun to see familiar players in new colours, to hear familiar commentators joking and to feel part of this annual spring (for us at least) event. We have our shakers, and cheer loudly when our favourites score boundaries or get wickets. I really enjoy the mix of international players shuffled into unusual relationships within the franchises. And it’s an interesting feeling celebrating a masterful wicket from Sunil Narine while simultaneously regretting that Mike Hussey, another favourite but on an opposing side, has to walk. Or watching Malinga, one of our all-time favourite bowlers take down Jacques Kallis, another batsman we love to watch. I find it much easier to enjoy the whole game, when I’m not so focused on hoping that one side wins. My mind can’t slide easily into the good guy-bad guy paradigm, as I respect and admire simultaneously the effort of both the bowler and the batsman, I end up feeling torn, a little, but it’s a nice kind of torn.


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