long and winding winter

This is the winter that never ends. It’s snowing its head off this morning, just after most of the snow had melted and ended up in our basement. That will be our chore later today, donning our wellies and bailing. Nick has set up the sump pump inside a plastic storage container with a long hose going out to the garden and over the slope. The water runs off downhill, saving our downstairs sink motor. We bail the water into the storage container on the floor, so we don’t have to lift the pails of water very high at all. It works really well. The sump pump got the level of the water down to maybe four inches. Then we bail down as much as we can. Then we’ll try the shop vac and lastly the mop. Thank goodness this is just ice water and not sewage sludge. It makes me think about people suffering through the Alberta floods or the New Orleans floods. As uncomfortable as our mess is, it’s nothing compared to what those folks dealt with. And then, having never been to Venice, Italy, one wonders how they cope with water everywhere.


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