Spring Busyness, Uncomfortable Commute

A flurry of furious activity as flocks of birds scramble for nesting materials. I can hear all the wives complaining “We’re late! We’re late! It’s the middle of April and the kids are coming! We should have started sooner!” And the husbands grumbling “Everything’s still covered in snow! Just how am I going to shovel down underneath to get a twig? I knew we should have stayed in the warmth down south a few more days.” In between, the squirrels are scampering hurriedly about, scrambling in the spilled niger seed on the ground and licking the sap running in the maple tree. Even though it’s still cold it feels like spring must be finally on its way.

On the way to work yesterday I passed an accident where a beautiful golden retriever had been hit and killed. The traffic slowed to pass as the dog lay still in the centre of the road with its head twisted, a woman on her knees beside it talking into a cell phone, another woman standing beside the dog and three vehicles pulled to the side. One’s life is changed forever after, I think. The owners now without their loyal friend, whichever driver who felt the impact knowing loss of life has occurred. I sent them all healing energy and white light, and resolved to increase my own concentration while driving. And a good thing too, for I was following a heavily loaded hay truck. He was driving slowly and carefully and I held back quite a ways, not wanting to be close in case a bale tumbled off. Just as we got into town, the lane divided in two, and he and a car ahead of me drew to a stop at a light. I was still hanging back when suddenly 2 bales fell off on the right side onto the curb, and 1 bale flipped over on the left, right into the driving lane, behind the car I was now following. These bales are huge, more than a car length long. The truck driver didn’t get out. I imagine he was using his cell phone to call for a loader to help him because one person certainly couldn’t move them. I had to drive carefully around the bale which luckily held together and didn’t split. Funny how so many commutes are unremarkable and yesterday’s seemed overly and unpleasantly eventful.



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