pizza stone

I’ve been so excited by finally getting a pizza stone.

We don’t get pizzas very often, but once in a while , for a treat, we’ll get an Amy’s Kitchen organic frozen pizza, add our own toppings and enjoy a treat. Mostly it was a treat for me, as Nick didn’t really eat that much. Last weekend he enjoyed it more and even better, found it digested well.

While discussing how much I enjoyed the crust when it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, I told him about pizza stones and he encouraged me to investigate. For some reason, I thought they’d be prohibitively expensive but they were only between $30 and $50.

Tracking it down was the next hurdle. I didn’t want to wait for and pay for shipping and thought I could pick one up locally, but it took a few days. Yesterday I was able to get a beautiful one by Emile Henry from our local kitchen specialty shop, Hudson’s.

Our first effort wasn’t the greatest. Nick was on a call and I was sorting tires in preparation for getting Siobhan’s (our sturdy Toyota car) winter paws exchanged for summer ones. So we were rushed and though it was tasty, our pizza crust wasn’t exceptional.

The real disappointment for me, though, was feeling my hip ache through the night and into today. I think I’ve been eating just too much cheese recently. I’d been doing well for oh, almost a year I’d say, with very little pain and eating cheese occasionally. Now I have a wakeup call.

So I’m now in the market for cheese-less pizza recipes. It’s still fun.


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