Behind the Scenes

There’s a chickadee outside, this morning, staring reproachfully at the empty bird feeder.

I’m still thinking about how much I love seeing “behind the scenes” material, especially in the media but I also I think I like it in general. It’s fun trying to figure out how the magic trick was done, or how a big event like the India Premier League was organized. It seems to add magic for me, rather than spoiling it. I like being astonished by how many details contribute to some apparently seamless project.

I loved seeing the video of inside NASA’s control centre when the Mars Rover landed. All those computer screens and specialized workers doing a happy dance because they recognized what controlling vast strings of numbers had achieved. I liked following the preparations of the long distance dog mushers, and the Iditarod volunteer network who arranged for dog food to be dropped at the remote checkpoints for the racers.

I find something reassuring in seeing the mechanics of how people and things work together to achieve some large accomplishment. Perhaps because it becomes actual proof, and therefore encouragement, of the adage that a journey begins with one step.



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