big box store wins

Snowing and blowing outside – seems like spring will never get here.

My cup of tea is hot, the house quiet but for the rumbling furnace and ticking clock. Nothing between me and the writing I want to do but my fears.

Funny how I don’t particularly like poetry. Maybe because I’m more interested in story.

This morning I went ahead and ordered Serge Fiori’s new CD from Amazon, defeated finally by the lack of service from a local music store. The store is a pleasant short walk from where I work. It’s a small but fun space. It actually looks like a long hallway, but they have lots of vinyl records, music posters, and CDs. First I thought there was a good chance they would have the CD in stock, but no. They cheerfully offered to order in it for me, but after two weeks of silence, no returned phone calls, no updates on why the delay and no sense that anything was being done, I finally caved. Knowing that I could download the music instantly from iTunes, or get it within a couple of days from Amazon, I felt I was giving them more than enough time to procure a copy. And really, being the top selling Canadian album for two weeks, I didn’t think my choice was so esoteric. I guess I don’t fit their target customer demographic. Sad. But soon I’ll be able to hear Fiori’s new music!


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