cricket excitement

Sri Lanka made it to the finals in the World T20 cricket tournament. Nick and I changed our morning routine so he could be sure of watching it from the beginning, and I caught up his sense of anticipation and started feeling badly that I couldn’t stay home and watch it with him. I’m not a big fan of that anticipatory feeling, however. I don’t like suspense. It’s painful and a downer when the thing you want suddenly so badly doesn’t happen, and senseless, really, when life was going along just fine without it. However, when I got to work, I was going to listen in via the computer downstairs, but after over an hour of trying to coax the old PC through its sluggishness, trying various cleaners, updating and defragging, Nick actually telephoned me with the first innings results. Sri Lanka were doing ok, but West Indies looked strong. Now I start getting tense. I’ve seen West Indies come from behind before and I start feeling anxious. By the time I could actually tune into the game Mother Nature stepped in with a whacking great thunderstorm, complete with hail, and halted the proceedings. Sri Lanka won it by the Duckworth Lewis formula, never a great result. I ended up disappointed, probably like the teams and spectators. We all missed out on a potentially exciting finale, as Sril Lanka were fielding brilliantly and the West Indies still had good batsmen to come. Funny, though, how quickly and intensely sport draws one in.


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